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No MOre Stuff RiGht Now!!

Please note: I do not wholesale my artwork. I do however offer a 25% discount on additional items after initial purchase. This discount also applies to repeat customers. I do not differentiate between the function, style or medium with the work I create in terms of hourly rate. If I am doing something that is potentially toxic to my body (welding/acid etching/grinding/spray painting etc.) I charge $90/hour, everything else - $60/hour, plus materials. Basically, the same as the guy who wrenches on your car, and a lot less than the guy who fixes your plumbing. Frames I pass on at the price I pay for them. I don't/won't tie a pattern twice just as I keep all of my other art one of a kind pieces. Please contact me through the contact page of this site with any further questions you may have.