“Turbulence & Flow” The Fly Fishing Inspired Artwork of Val Kropiwnicki”

at the American Museum of Fly Fishing through June 2023

Main display – Turbulence case right, Flow case left. Each case holds a steel “tree” that is attached to a rotary table. Viewers can spin the display in each case to view flies and reels from all sides. Centered between each case are 8 framed flies. Display fabricated by VKS.

The “Turbulence” case.

  1. I AM (SHELL).122.SSP
  2. the CIF.111.SSNBP
  3. Winter 3.320.SSP
  4. Marengo.619.SSP
  5. Hamus Renatus.1110.FOSSP
  6. the Driven Hound.113.SSSP
  7. the Imperfect Beauty.218.SSSP
  8. VK-S5 “Night Swan” Prototype
  9. VK-S5.RF “A Reel For Spring”
  10. Winter 4.420.SSP
  11. Life in the Ad.521.SSP
  12. How Would You Like That.220.STDWC
  13. V-Stick Custom Fly Rods Abstract.b
  14. VK-S5.RF Abstract.b Reel

41.the Company Man.1217.SP

42.the Poham Ring.212.SSSP

Framed Flies.

24. Turbulence and Flow Hook Frame
25.the Abominus Noah.914.GFNP
26. “the Gat” She said.1120.SSP
27.Bobbers and Yoko.120.SSP
28. Winter One.220.SSP
Spring 4.420.SSP
Fall 2.1120.SSP
29. Turbulence.422.SSP & Flow.322.SSSP
30.Cottonwood and Red.619.SSP
32.il Gardino.821.SSP

The “Flow” case.

  1. Circus Sulfurious.720.SSGFA
  2. Point.319.SSDP
  3. the Grande Lethe.421.SSP
  4. Stonica Walletta .1213.SSWP
  5. Spectral.121.SSP
  6. the Weed Fly.1213.std
  7. Winter Two.220.SSP
  8. Bowie’s Wonder.219.SSP
  9. Wallet Prawn.613.SSLP
  10. VK-S5 “Atlantis” Prototype
  11. VK-S5.RF “Rybeck”
  12. Industri-Prawn.619.SSN
  13. They Were Only Taking Big Lory.612.FP

the Nitro Express.412.SSSP


  1. the All Wheather Floyd.SSCLP.312.SSSR
  2. Drowse.1012.NA

Main entry gallery:

l to r –  45.  Remember These Days.119.VKS, 44. Confession Fish.1021.VKS, 43. Leary Stu Fly.614.AP

“Turbulence” case detail.

“Turbulence” case detail.

VKS/V-Stick Custom Fly Rods Abstract.b collaboration combo. Click here for information on the VK-S5.RF Abstract.b reel.  Click here to contact Renato Vitalini  and V-Stick Custom Fly Rods.

24. Turbulence & Flow Hook Frame – 8 one of a kind Alphonse Mucha inspired hooks with hand drawn mat artwork.

All Weather Floyd

The All Weather Floyd.312.SSCLP – Flow case

Turbulence & Flow Frame

Turbulence.422.SSP & Flow.322.SSP Frame set

The 4 Seasons Frame Set

VK-S5.RF “A Reel For Spring” Hand engraved clear Anodized – Turbulence case

The Popham Ring.212.SSP – Turbulence case