The VK-S5.RF Fly reel Designed by Val Kropiwnicki and made in USA, 5/6/7WT left hand wind, 6061-T6 frame/spool/foot available in ported & non-ported frames/spool configurations, 316 SS drag plate/spindle/screws, bronze bearing/gear, Delrin/acrylic handles, leather reel case,  Cerakote or type 2 anodized finish. The VK-S5.RF Fly reel in this frame/spool configuration is a one time limited edition run of just 28 reels. For more information or to reserve/purchase a reel contact Val Kropiwnicki at


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VK-S5.RF.W 70S




                    Reels listed below have been sold

VK-S5.RF "70s"Abstract.BAbstract.C






VK-S5.RF Unsung

VK-S5.RF "Hard Bop Shop"

Atlantis Narrow



Below are the VK-S5.RF Prototypes • Price on request • Click on the links to view the reels • contact the artist for availability and pricing

VK-S5.RF “Night Swan”- not available

VK-S5.RF “Zook”- not available

VK-S5.RF “Southside”

VK-S5.RF “Atlantis”

VK-S5.RF “Shop”

VK-S5.RF Misc. Proto pics